New Year Resolutions and Technology

Apparently the most common resolutions are related to living healthier lives. I am no exception in that nor I suspect in failing spectacularly ever to achieve them. However this year I have the Up Band to ensure success. Technology has come to my rescue.
Now I am no techno whizz so when one Christmas present revealed a wristband with instructions I felt waves of panic and despair. However, two weeks on and thanks to my Up band I am still on track with the healthier lifestyle resolution. This is how it works for those not familiar with this small and knowing device.
Choose aspects of lifestyle you wish to improve upon. Mine are to walk more daily and sleep longer and better. Next set your goals: for me 10000 steps daily and 6 hrs deep sleep a night. Charge up the band in your phone socket; download the Up app on your iPhone and pop the bracelet on your wrist. You have a choice of colours. It has a day or night setting. Now you are being monitored. It makes anyone – especially those competitive souls like me – want to improve daily. Amazingly I can also see how others with a band who are named in my team are doing. I was not happy to see that my 10,000 steps might be good but they had achieved 20,000!
But back to me and my goals. Thus far stepwise my Up has revealed underachievement ranging between 6000-8000 which I blame squarely on the festive period. Today with fresh resolve I even walked to the tube in pouring rain to improve my tally: guess what, 10,767 steps recorded. I have done better with sleep, averaging 8 hours to my great surprise, except of course on New Year’s Eve which showed a paltry 4!
Not content with sheer overall numbers of steps or hours, my band knows how well I have slept and how many steps taken consecutively. These things are important for good health.
Today I have surpassed both my daily goals and my resolutions are on track. An added bonus is to have mastered the art of the band to boot!
Up with resolutions or rather Up with technology has become my mantra.

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