Six months on…

30 years employed full time, then on May 1st 2013 it was all down to me. I was an education consultant and director of my own company.  How would it be?  Well 6 months on and I’m enjoying the new challenge, the variety and dare I say it the responsibility of managing my time.  My respect for PAs now knows no bounds.
Ignoring friends who ask why I am not on a world cruise,  I am getting the hang of this new life.  I can find time to swim (good for the dodgy knee!)  and leave later in the mornings.  Shopping on weekdays is a real liberation.  Saturdays are not now filled with jobs.  There is time.  However,  I am still working and loving it;  balancing voluntary activities,  largely governing boards,  with paid days, necessary to enjoy life’s little  luxuries.
It is true I can’t say no as opportunities that come my way are fascinating and so much part of what interests me still.  So I am busy and still passionate about education.
Parental engagement is still a challenge both for our reception children who need parents to read with them at home and for our KS4 youngsters who need parents to understand the pathways now open to them.    Governance must be good in every school.  This is a real challenge dependent as it is on volunteers in their hundreds.  New structures are emerging.  Federations are here to stay. Support for governors is a priority.  Primary education is critical and I am keen to bang on about that endlessly.  If we ensure a good start for every child then catch up classes will become a thing of the past.  I personally endorse all- through schools so primary and secondary can support each other for a seamless education for our children.  Vocational education is just emerging with strength and opportunity through recognition that practical,  high quality technical skills are needed.  Hence I am committed to my work with the growing number of UTCs.
Children can’t wait nor can I for the next opportunity to work with them and their schools to ensure they have the very best chance in life.

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